Gigabyte’s G1-Killer Logo Picturised

Gigabyte has already announced its intentions of coming up with a series of gaming motherboards, with official unveiling set for CES in January 2011. Response has been lukewarm, so Gigabyte has decided to tease enthusiasts some more; the manufacturer has thrown out a logo that shows how serious it is about the new gaming boards.

Branded G1-Killer, the new motherboard series from Gigabyte is expected to take on the likes of ASUS’ Republic of Gamers (ROG). Considering that and the history of Gigabyte, these should be some serious interest in the upcoming line-up. Gigabyte too wants to ensure that, so it has come up with this muscular-looking logo.

As with the first banner, the logo too has made its appearance on the unofficial Gigabyte Tech Blog. At first sight, the G1-Killer logo looks like something straight out of a mafia flick - there is a bullet linking the G1 with the Killer, a bullet hole for the dot above the ‘I’ and a gun representing the ‘R’. The designing of the logo leaves no doubt that Gigabyte plans to hit hard and compete harder.

Now, the entire industry knows that the boards will be on display at CES 2011, will support Intel CPUs and carry price tags of $299 and above, so the wait is only going to be for the actual features. Hot or not so hot?

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