HWBOT OC King Hicookie finds matching queen ...

This is must be a first-ever for the HWBOT front page, but great news deserves this kind of attention. While every other overclocker on the planet is trying to get ahold of a GTX 580 card, #1 of the Overclockers League is spending his day celebrating with friends, family ... and wife.

Yes, that's right. Hicookie, known for his night-life exploits and overclocking results is getting married today. Although we hope this will not affect is life as an overclocker, we wish the happy couple all the best in the world.




hey bro, big congrats to you... please dont go to luxy ok? if you go to luxy it will be NOT OK! hope to catch up with you again soon

South Africa Vivi says:

Sooo Awesome. Congrats hicookie! :D

Russian Federation Alexxx650 says:


Spain skunk says:

congrats bro!!!

Indonesia Hazzan says:

Congcrat Hicookie ...wish best for you ....keep pushing

Greece crustytheclown says:

Congrats man!!!

Greece George_oc says:

Congratulations dude, wish you all the best!

United States rdrash says:

Wow... Awesome news. Congratulations. Best wishes for you and yours.

Germany stummerwinter says:

Congrats, wish you both all the best! BTW: does she OC too? :D

Italy slammer95 says:

congrats hicookie!!

Belgium Massman says:


United Kingdom Mr. Strawberry says:

congrats dude

United Kingdom Mr. Strawberry says:

congrats dude

Germany stummerwinter says:

holy smoke, think about the kids coming out of this...:eek:

Sweden ME4ME says:

congrats! ;)

Russian Federation Samendk says:

Hicookie congrats!

China Hero says:

Wish them

Russian Federation NeoForce says:

Grats dude!

Russian Federation DeDaL says:

Big congratulation bro !!! Wish you all the best!

Belgium Gamer says:

Congrats, welcome in the club :)

Croatia Bullet says:

Congrats dude!

United States G H Z says:

Very pretty lady, congrats!

Greece George_oc says:

stummerwinter said: holy smoke, think about the kids coming out of this...:eek:

hehe :D True, true :cool:

K404 says:

Congrats bro! :D All the best for your future together!

Montenegro Perica_barii says:

Wish you all best...Many children , and many records...

Greece hipro5 says:

Hah!.......Hicookie with a costum!......Shi(f)t!....... :D Congrats man.......She's beautiful and I hope/wish you to live in happiness with her since you have picked her - and RESPECT her most of all (this is a big secret for a happy longlasting mariage).... :)

Argentina Sweet says:

Beautiful, congratulations to both :)


Japan Gyrock says:

Wow!! Huge congrats! Hicookie-san:D

Czech Republic Aerou says:

I wish you both the best, you look very very nice in that picture. You make a nice OC couple :D I can see she can handle a UD9!

Belgium HybridChiller says:

Congrats bro, and learn her good Oc, maybe she gets better then you ? :) hope to see more of you after your honeymoon trip. have fun and many years together

Japan CAL930 says:

Big congrats!

Portugal Xun1ng says:

Congrats from Portugal! :D Just think about the KIDO'CLOCKERS that will come out of this :P

Serbia d0minat0r says:


Denmark Nosfer@tu says:

CONGRATULATIONS ;) Great picture m8 :) Wish you a long and happy marriage.. ;-)

Netherlands Das Experiment says:


Argentina zabit says:

Congratulations!! Felicitaciones!! ;)

United Kingdom scooter.jay says:


Brazil Rbuass says:

We wish all of good for u... Felicidades Ronaldo and Fabi

Romania matose says:

Congrats buddy! Have fun in the honey moon :D

Germany Hyperhorn says:

Now we even get the yellow press overclocking news, nice!
Congrast Hicookie, wish you all the best! :)

...but how much cherry-picking to find this gem? (sorry, couln`t resist :p)

Iran G81 says:

Hicookie you have single power in the pas and then you have dual power in the Future Congrats And Hope to Have Best New Life

Dreadlockyx says:

Congratulations ! ;)

Finland SF3D says:

Congratulations! This came as a surprise after all our partying :) Good luck to you both!

Austria Turrican says:

Congratz :)

Germany der8auer says:

Congratulations :) Wish you the best!

Denmark riska says:

Nice to hear hope you both will be luckely for a long time.

Spain [DRACO] says:

congrats bro!!!

Spain Rafa91 says:

Congratulations! best wishes.

Panama chucupis says:

Congrats, best regards

Iran PUMAOC says:

ooooo ooooooo . MOBARAK MOBARAK .!

Greece zoro says:

beautiful couple!
all the best

Netherlands diezel says:

Congrats master

kikicoco1334 says:


Germany Luebke says:

congratulations hicookie, wish you all the best. :)

Argentina Manu_182 says:

Congrats dude! my best wishes for you :D

Belgium Teemto says:


Croatia dejan_bin_laden says:

congrats man, now double power nad maybe triple is on the way ? :D


All the best to the happy couple may your life ahead be happy and lucky.

Puerto Rico chispy says:

Congratulations , best wishes for both of you.

Antarctica Trouffman says:

"You've won the game you married the queen !" Congratz bro ;)

Denmark Nanok says:

best wishes !

unknown Hollywood says:

Congratulations! Have a good time!

Indonesia Lucky_n00b says:

Congrats Master HiCookie, best wishes for you and may you have a happy life together with your family * So,no more Luxy ? (^_^)b *

Hungary over@locker886 says:

Congrats!! I wish the best for you!

Germany RedCobra says:

congrats ;)

Romania Monstru says:

Congrats, all our best wishes!

FoX [OCXLAB.ES] says:

Congrats bro ;)


LOL hyperhorn, cookie has been binning PCS of girl again!

Indonesia bennylodewijk says:

Congrats my friend, i wish you both happy as always !

Australia Dinos22 says:

Congrats cookie meister, listen to hipro he knows what he's talking about :D

Australia Dinos22 says:

I am slightly disappointed that the photographer didn't let you wear your favourite GOOC t-shirt LOL

Korea (republic) oc_windforce says:

Congratulations HiCookie ^^

United States Brian y. says:


now for the picture with you carrying the purse:p

Audigy says:

Congratulations...... ^O^

United States G H Z says:

dinos22 said: Congrats cookie meister, listen to hipro he knows what he's talking about :D

Yes he does :D


Australia Dinos22 says:

ROFL good one

done that a few times myself LOL

Russian Federation TechF2 says:

O la la! Congratulations. A new world opens to you. Let everything be well with you. Waiting for new world records!

South Africa Deviancexx says:

Congrats man, take good care of each other!

United States Ross says:

Congrats! I wish you both all the best...

Russian Federation NuclearFlow says:


South Africa seraphs says:

congrats! i wish you two all the best.

Iran MR VGA says:

Hi , Congrats Hicookie

<Always together>

Eeky NoX says:

Congratulations Master Cookie o/ ...wish you both all the best together ;)

Spain Predator says:

congrats Mr. and Mrs. Ke :)

Mexico Solid Snake - XS says:

Master, Congrats, now you have a Overclocker Wife.... VERY NICE Best Regards my Friend

United Kingdom bazx says:

good luck to you and your wife no more staying out all night for you now

Germany Matti OC says:


Vietnam hiepgia says:


United States miahallen says:

Confrats Philip :)


Congrats bro!!
that you and your wife is very happy forever

cheers with tequila hehehe!


Australia Uncle Fester says:

Big Congratulations Cookie, may you and your wife have very happy life together ________ Honda Activa Specifications

Johnksss says:


Argentina Luis_Macias says:


Italy giorgioprimo says:

COngratulation....BTW i hope to see yu again clubbing ....:)

United States Halo_003 says:

Congratulations Hicookie. That's awesome :)

coldheart says:

Congratulation from Halle Germany , wish u a nice great Time ! hzdriver

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