Argentinian overclocking makes it to national press

Overclocking is a hobby that hardly ever reaches the national newspapers. I have no clue why, but apparently the 'normal' (not overclocking is not normal!) people have no interest in increasing performance of their system.

In Argentina, home of the well-known Nacho-arroyo, the hobby has reached a national newspaper (La Nacion). Needless to say we're very happy to see the Argentinian community to get this kind of exposure! Also, HWBOT was happy to see being mentioned as "entidad que agrupa a todos los overclockers del mundo".

Link through Google Translate: CLICK

The challenge is to get the most out of the compu without burning, literally, and that increasing the frequency of operation, the temperature also rises and this can leave unused microprocessor or motherboard, or both. "Practicing overclocking, unlike the gaming, real threatening your computer, so the adrenaline is high. In a minute you can burn Equipment worth $ 1800," said Leandro Diaz (32), to overclock Web site administrator. com and Argentine captain overclocking.

For Damian Medina (24), overclocking is a hobby "very entertaining and forces you to stay current on topics of physics, chemistry and mechanics, as well as computing." And most of the information is on internet forums in English, that language is also practiced. "The only downside is that it is expensive to keep up to date technologically," says law student from Cordoba who admits to having invested in computer equipment more than 25,000 pesos.

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