High End X58 Motherboard Roundup: Asus, Gigabyte and MSI Compared, Overclocked and Dissected

As always, the Mad comes from the Shrimps.

Don't get me wrong, these boards are build to last. As usual, each board has got its strengths and weaknesses. The most important question is : do you really need one of these more expensive boards for your setup ? In case you are totally into the roller-coaster ride of benching and are looking for a challenge : go for it ! If you want to use these in a new gaming/offce and 24/7 setup , there might be cheaper versions that perform on par (or very close). In the end , it's all a matter of taste, desired specifications, bundled gear and what you're looking for when shopping for a new motherboard. We applaud all three manufacturers for pursuing the performance pinnacle for the X58 platform, keeping hardware enthusiasts and benchers occupied and happy.

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