Funky Kit - Gigabyte GOOC 2010 Finals - Mineralised Oil + LN2 Cooling

A short video of MikeGuava running his "no insulation" LN2 system at GOOC WW 2010. This must be one of the most innovative ways I've ever seen someone compete at a live overclocking competition!


Belgium Massman says:

Saw this at the MOA finals last year as well ... pretty cool stuff!


What exact type of oil did he use ? :) Know alot of bad oils. But not many that's great for electronic

Sweden PreacherMan says:

Some kind of transformer oil I would guess. I've used VoltWay N7X to cool a whole computer once.$FILE/Statoil_VoltWay_N7X.pdf

Netherlands Drucchi says:

I wonder why it isn't completely submerged... nu need to insulate the cpu-pot, and no need to do the vga-card aswell. Guess the oil could freeze too, but would that be a too bad thing?

United States steponz says:

Have thought about doing it... Not sure I would like the cleanup.. Vaseline is bad enough... mix that with some eraser... yuck..

United States Splave says:

its like water, think you would just shake it off and let it evaporate after use?

United States [UC OC] Karmakazi says:

too bad 3M's fluorinert is like $500 a gallon :(

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