ASUS Overclocker 2010 - Live stream from Final!

Four overclockers are currently having an epic battle in the ASUS Overclocker 2010 final: Perica_barii, Milentije, Tiborrr and Quake. All good overclockers, so it's going to be a tight finish for sure! For the bookies under you: maybe good to check how Perica will be doing; he's also attending the GIGABYTE GOOC 2010 WW Final at the end of September!


Belgium Massman says:

Go! Go! Go! OC!

TaPaKaH says:

Massman said: Go! Go! Go! OC!
gigabyte marketing allowed in ASUS threads?

Belgium Massman says:

Why not?

Belgium Massman says:

I want to see MOAr sick OC results!!

Belgium Massman says:

Now the view is perfect! :)

Croatia Lovro says:

Nice guys, now 3DM06?

United States Hondacity says:

go perica!!! :D

Greece George_oc says:

Who won?

Croatia Matthew says:

Croatia won (Quake, DomagojX - HWGurus)! It was a close calls though. Two out of 4 GTX 470 went to a better place. :D We were close on getting the WR for 3DMark06, only 120 point were needed, but the time was running down on us pretty fast...

Slovenia tiborrr says:

I got 0 pts, burned the card 30min into benching :S Just one day before the competition we were benching ASUS GTX470 and got P28738 @ 1080/1100MHz, 980x@5355MHz.

Belgium Massman says:

Did you guys know how to get rid of the coldslow?

Slovenia tiborrr says:

No cold slow with the BIOS that was installed. At least at -140°C.

Belgium Massman says:

Is it possible to share that bios?

Slovenia tiborrr says:

I have to ask ASUS if it's OK. If there are no issues, I will be glad to share :) The new BIOS also expands the range in ASUS Smartdoctor suite - up to 1.215Vcore, ~1300MHz GPU, ~ 6600MHz MEM.

Slovenia tiborrr says:

Masbo - here's the modded BIOS for ASUS ENGTX470 1280MB:

Belgium Massman says:

South Africa DrWeez says:

w00t.... awesome thanks tiborrr

Slovenia tiborrr says:

No problems, buddies. I'm glad I can help out! :)

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