MSI is readying 870A Fuzion Power Edition

New board with the Lucid Fuzion chipset!

MANY WERE DISAPPOINTED with MSI's 870A Fuzion board, as it wasn't the Hydra board many had expected from MSI. However, it appears that MSI is about to make amends as it's getting ready to unleash the 870A Fuzion Power Edition. This is the board everyone expected MSI to release and it looks much closer to the early board pictures that appeared on the net.

The new board is still using the AMD 770 chipset rather than the 870 which is confusing, especially considering the model name. However, unlike the 870A Fuzion, MSI has upgraded the south bridge to the SB850 and as such the 870A Fuzion Power Edition comes with no less than six SATA 6Gbit ports. Another feature that was missing from the older board was the inclusion of MSI's DrMOS MOSFETs which makes an appearance on the new board. The power regulation has also been upgraded to 10+1 phases.

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