Intel 2011 Core Series Desktop Processor Roadmap Surfaces

Ow! Intel is releasing TWO unlocked CPUs at the same time? Hasn't been done before, I think ... seems like they believe in AMD's marketing style.

Nomenclature and Positioning

Intel's 2011 lineup of Core processors will use the same brand identifiers as the 2010 series: Core i7 delivers all the features and quantitative performance available to the generation, Core i5 delivers "smart performance" by balancing "smart" features (such as Turbo Boost 2.0) to manage performance and energy-efficiency, with mid-thru-high levels of quantitative performance, while Core i3 delivers the essentials, and captures the value segment.

While the 2010 series three-digit processor model numbers starting with 5xx for Core i3 dual-core, 6xx for Core i5 dual-core, 7xx for Core i5 quad-core, 8xx for Core i7 LGA1156 quad-core, and 9xx for Core i7 LGA1366 quad-core and six-core processors, the 2010 series will use a four-digit processor number scheme:

* 21xx - Core i3 dual-core
* 23xx - Core i5 dual-core
* 24xx - Core i5 quad-core
* 25xx - Core i5 quad-core
* 27xx - Core i7 quad-core

Among these, there are a few number suffixes that denote some special features:

* K - Overclockers' favourite, has unlocked BClk multipler
* S - Energy efficient, quad-core S chips have TDP of 65W against 95W, while having comparable clock speeds
* T - Low-power, have relatively lower clock-speeds, quad-core chips have TDP of 35W
* M - Mobile processors
* QM - Quad-core mobile
* XM - Extreme Performance mobile

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