[Exclusive] An Early Peek at Zotac’s Dual-Core GTS250

Okay ... so we need to add another HWBOT hardware category? Well, no matter what the price is, I love Zotac's quest for innovation. In fact, this card looks pretty neat as well!

It was a real marvel that the NVIDIA G92 had existed in the changeable market for three years, but when the next-generation DirectX 11 graphics cards blotted out the sky and covered up the earth, the G92 was bound to die slowly.

There are many people know to cherish the "flowers" and they are also capable of creativities, Zotac is one of that guys. Zotac has developed a dual core G92, to make G92 bringing a ending glow. And Expreview is fortunate enough to have an early peek of it.

The card is codenamed dual-core GTS250 edition, boasts dual GTS250 graphics processor, they are driven in parallel computing and sophisticated drive and game, or to play a decent performance. As picture shown, the dual-core GTS250 is not very large, the board design is closed to the previous Extreme Edition series, that is, the commonly used shoulder design.

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