Making things right after Mexico…

Wow! Top-notch response to set things right, GIGABYTE! I hope many overclockers respond to this news post expressing their appreciation towards GIGABYTE for this high-class act.

GIGABYTE admits mistake and gives Ronaldo and Lalo another chance in the Go OC North American regional final

Go OC 2010 is well on its way and the China, Pan Asia & Africa, Latin America and Euro regional finals have all been completed. In each event the CPUs used were B1 stepping Core i7 980x engineering samples (ES). We also had some B0 stepping CPUs that were used at each event for live demos. Now, those of you who have been following the 980x CPU overclocking scene will know that the B1 stepping ES samples are better overclockers than the B1 stepping samples – hence the choice of B1 for the competition.

This year, for the first time, GIGABYTE included Latin America in Go OC and as is often the case with first time events, there was a mix-up with the CPUs and three B0 steppings were mistakenly handed out together with five B1 stepping chips. As is the rule with all Go OC events, the winner, Sebastian from Columbia, was allowed to change his B0 CPU (he requested to change) and went on to win the event. However, Ronaldo and Lalo didn’t realise that they were the only ones using B0 CPUs until after the event, so didn’t feel the need to change their CPUs. Ronaldo brought this to our attention, and so with a red face we want to officially apologize to Ronaldo and Lalo for our mistake and invite them to compete at the North American Go OC regional finals on August 7th.

Rita and her team in LA have graciously agreed to set up two more overclocking stations for the Latin Americans who will compete under the same rules as the other participants. If Ronaldo or Lalo achieve the same or higher score as the first and second place winners, they will qualify for a ticket to Taiwan to compete in the Go OC 2010 global final.

I’d like to wish Ronaldo and Lalo the very best of luck, and look forward to (hopefully) meeting them in Taiwan at the end of September.


Belgium Massman says:

Awesome! I love this!

South Africa CoolnQuiet says:

Now that's how manufacturers should react when they mess up! Good job Gigabyte!

United States Minor Outlying Islands Kal-EL says:

Thats nice :)

India thebanik says:

Nice!!! Gigabyte has been doing good job with GOOC for a couple of years now.......

Colombia e-Killer says:

GO guys get the tickets for TW, if that happen will be 4 Competitors From LatinAmerica in Taipei Finals!!

United States rdrash says:

great going Gigabyte!

Good luck to you guys!

Australia Dinos22 says:

good luck to the two guys :celebration:

Germany SoF says:

thumbs up for this! :)

Brazil Rbuass says:

Thanks can be sure i will do my best...
I did take the worst CPU i did try in my life...i hope i can be better lucky at this time...
I hope that wins the best

Thanks and sorry the broken English

Taiwan Tim Handley says:

Good luck Ronaldo, there's an ice cold beer waiting for you in Taiwan - my treat.

Argentina Warrior_oF_Byte says:

Go Ronaldo! GO!!!! you can make it!

Argentina Warrior_oF_Byte says:

And thanks Gigabyte for trying to do the things right!

Brazil Rbuass says:

Sebastian picked up a B1 dead CPU, and when it was trading, he was handed a B0, the first thing he did was ask to change to another B1.
I thought we were all competing with B0, and not bother with it.
I thought I had drawn the worst processor ever had in my life, and just not had luck, but after the competition ended and began to show the result of the other competitors, I saw that was with a B0 and was injured.
I sent a letter to the Gigabyte and told what had happened, and asked not taken off the victory the 2 winners, because they were not to blame for what happened.
At all times the Gigabyte was very aware and acted in a very dignified.
Congratulations on your attitude.
To error is human, but with dignity recognizing the error and fix it, is a noble act.
I hope you understood my bad English

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