[OC-TV] GOOC 2010 European Finals

Very interested to see how this live audio broadcast feature pans out! I think it will be very nice to not only see an overview of the competition, but also hear overclockers talk about overclocking during the event.

One week to go, Yes ! One week and we will be in Palma de Mallorca at the Meliã Palas Atenea Hotel; place chosen by Gigabyte for the European finals of the GOOC 2010. For those EU finals as for the whole GOOC this year, one person from each EU country will be joining the competition on Mallorca.


But this is not all ! Probably the biggest fans and followers of OC competition topics on forums already heard about a great new feature that OCTV is going to introduce during this event.

The first live audio discussions broadcast 100% about OCers, Overlocking and what makes our passion for it ! Many guest have responded to our call and some others are to come. We will have Overclockers from almost each participating countries as well as special guest from Gigabyte HQ, HWBot and even benchmark developers (prepare your questions and join the chat) !

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