ProlimaTech Super-Mega Heatsink CPU Cooler Debuts

I think this quote from US clocker Hondacity sums it up perfectly: "Prolimatech Super Mega Bad Ass Digital Anti Gravity 128bit WTF Heatsink Cooler"

The ProlimaTech Super-Mega uses a very dense array of aluminum and copper fins which are split down the middle to form two separate heatsink halves. The Super-Mega heatsink is comprised of six heat-pipe rods, which span to each side and offer twelve total cooling ends. The nickel-plated copper base secures firmly to the CPU with a new and improved proprietary mounting clip system. This mounting system, which I am pleased to report is the most effective clip mechanism I've ever used, and improves the already impressive design offered on the Megahalems and Armageddon, offers up to 70 pounds of contact pressure while completely removing the chance of processor movement or sliding.

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