... and is now ready for real overclocking

The BIOS fixing the coldslow issues was part one of mission "GTX 480 full throttle" and just a few minutes ago part two has been published. This time not originating from sunny Greece, but from the cold, snowy Nordic country of Sweden, home of another overclocking Legend, Kinc. In fact, this originates from the labs of ASUS which deserves a few rounds of applause for this, dispite of not being an HWBOT partner (*wink*).

In any case, here are the modifications ... have fun!


Belgium Massman says:

Excellent ...

Denmark riska says:

Totally nice

Denmark Rosty says:

Nice :)

Hong Kong Ascari_C says:

well done and thank you

Germany stummerwinter says:

Also thanx to you!

Russian Federation Antinomy says:

Please, excuse me but as I remember it should be either "in spite of" or "despite" but not "in despite of". :o

Could you please check and correct this if required.

Belgium Massman says:


United States G H Z says:

OK no more excuses for sub 1200mhz runs ;) Thanks for the share guys!

Russian Federation Antinomy says:

Massman said: Fixed!
Em, "despite", not "dispite" :)
And "of" isn't needed. Just "despite not being a HWBOT partner".

I'm such a pain in the ass when it comes to accuracy. :)

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