MSI Master Overclocking Arena 2010 Benelux Final

... no, I'm not just posting this because I won! ;-)

Date: 28th May 2010, Timezone, well, euh.. Dutch time zone? 3 Belgian overclockers start to drive at 6 o´clock in the morning towards the city of Eindhoven. Target was the MSI building. Mission : could we get one of the two Belgian teams through the MSI MOA Benelux finals. First prize a ticket for two to Paris, the city of... overclockers. How did the little Shrimps do? Read on to find out!


Belgium Massman says:

It was a nice day. For the first time, we were actually overclocking at the MSI head office :-)

Netherlands Viss says:

Congrats PJ !

Belgium richba5tard says:

congrats :)

Austria Turrican says:

good job pieter, i hope you had fun there. :D

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