HWBOT: VGA Product Series added to database

It's been a while since we have added the possibility to tag your overclocking result to a mainboard type, memory brand and even VGA manufacturer. The first objective is of course to give overclockers a possibility to see what the system is build of to gather data on the overclocking capabilities of hardware in comparison to similar hardware. A first indication of the capabilities can be found, for instance, on the chipset specification page where motherboards are listed together with the amount of cups and medals achieved using the board.

Very recently, we have added a new option to the submission template: videocard series. This option allows you to tag your result to any special videocard series such as Matrix, Lightning and Super Overclock. The point of this field is very simple: over time, when we've gathered enough data, it will be possible to objectively state whether a special overclocking card is indeed better than either a normal (reference) or another overclocking card. In fact, our ultimate goal is to have some kind of ranking or list on any VGA product page that would indicate the average clock frequencies of graphic card series or brands using different cooling types.

We expect the first decent charts and graphs to be those of the GTX 400 series given that the reign of the R5870 is over.

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