Westsider's i7 960 records removed from HWBOT

Maintaining an overclocking database holding over 400.000 results is definitely not an easy task and once in a while people question the legitimacy of certain scores. Georgian overclocker Westsider has very recently submitted world record breaking scores in the Wprime 4xCPU categories and the details of the scores made some people suspicious about the scores. High voltage and extreme cold have never gone hand in hand with the Bloomfield CPUs, just to name two reasons.

In the recent submission of 3.91s with the i7 960 clocked at 5880MHz, some other strange things occur that lead us to know for certain the result has been tampered with. As everyone knows, the multiplier in front of the L1 and L2 cache indicates how many physical cores have been enabled. If all 4 cores are enabled, this will show as 4x ... not the 2x as indicated in the screenshot. It's not a bug, that's for sure.

(Click to enlarge)

Unfortunately, this is Westsider's second strike here at HWBOT. We give everyone a second chance, but then it's over. His account has been removed and will not be lifted in the future.

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