nVidia counters slower 470 sales with special pricing

The problem of the expensive GTX400 is not (only) located at the Nvidia HQ decision-making team, but really located at your own local dealer. The GTX 470 and GTX 480 have a certain target price determined by Nvidia, but since the demand is so high and the availability so low, local dealers just increase their price to make more profit. In my opinion, Nvidia should aim for higher availability in the first place.

As interest slows in the GTX470, nVidia has been working to position its new chips to be significantly more competitive against ATI. While the GTX480 can claim the crown of being the fastest single GPU in the market, nVidia has struggled to find a good position for the GTX470. ATI’s line up is not only well established, the Radeons have had plenty of time to find their natural price points. Initial interest in the market for the GTX series has been saited and now it’s time for these cards to find their own level. For the GTX470, that means a trade price drop to just over £220. That’s likely to translate to a street price of £275 inc vat. KitGuru says: This new price drop still means the GTX470 is still ~£50 more expensive than the Radeon HD 5850 from resellers like Scan. Given that both of these cards scores almost exactly the same in Battlefield 2: Bad Company at 1920×1200, the 5850’s price advantage remains significant.

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