Hardware Asylum Podcast 80a: Maximum PC Dream Machine 2017 Discussion

The latest edition of the Hardware Asylum podcast is now available. In Episode 80a we find Dennis Garcia and Darren McCain discussing the notion of a ‘Dream Machine’ PC. A PC with a specification sheet that would make your average enthusiast weep. The discussion is based on an article from TechRadar and the Maximum PC magazine who attempt to create a ‘a no holds barred gaming monster PC’. The idea is quite simple. Pick the most expensive high-end components and see where you end up. The final build actually ends up costing a pretty ridiculous $18,000 USD.

For years Maximum PC has been a destination for hardware enthusiasts and curious system builders. For the most part they have good reputation for quality even if their Dream Machine Gaming PC is not designed for gaming but rather built to prove you can spend more money on your computer than on a car.

In this episode Dennis and Darren discuss the Dream Machine build to determine what makes works, what doesn’t work and what doesn’t make any sense at all. What may surprise you is that most of this build is simply picking the most expensive part and running with it.

Catch episode 80a of the Hardware Asylum podcast here.

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