[Video] Buildzoid’s Guide to Capacitor Modding

I don’t suspect there aren't too many people out there who genuinely get excited about capacitor modding on graphics cards. Builzoid however is a big fan. Just to hear him talk about it, you get the impression that rather be at home cap-modding than doing anything else. In his latest video, he gives his burgeoning group of YouTube followers a thorough guide on the topic.

Capacitor modding is for most seasoned modders a fairly easy job. It’s a simple modification that doesn’t really require too much in the way of in depth component knowledge. However it can be fairly easy to screw up if you don’t get the basics right and could cost you the price of the card you are working on. Like with any time you’re using a soldering iron on a PCB, you need to pay attention not to fry your card in the process.

So a first question that anyone might ask is why do cap-modding anyway? What are we trying to achieve? Well one reason to eliminate a pesky thing called voltage-drop, an issue which happens when the GPU is far from the VRM, which is most of the time. The voltage might read a certain amount in GPU-Z, but in reality the GPU may not be getting the voltage it needs. Graphics cards often struggle with voltage fluctuations which again mean that the GPU isn’t getting the cleanest and most consistent power delivery. Adding additional capacitors can help with all these problems, giving your card a more stable and clean power delivery.

If you are vaguely interested in video card modding, you will enjoy this video which can be found here on the Actually Hardcore Overclocking channel.

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