OCWC Melbourne 2017 Qualifier: Rules and Hardware Confirmed

The HWBOT World Tour embarks on its first trip down under in just over a week from today. From an extreme overclocking perspective the highlight of the event will be the Melbourne 2017 Overclocking World Championship (OCWC) Qualifier contest. It will see the region's top extreme overclockers compete for the chance to attend the OCWC Finals which will take place in Berlin, in December. Today we can bring you an update which confirms the hardware that will used, the format that will be employed and the benchmarks and other rules that will be used.

Overclocking World Championship – Melbourne 2017 Qualifier

Extreme overclockers in the ANZ region are invited to take part in the Melbourne 2017 Qualifier contest. The contest will take place at PAX AU 2017 at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre. Here’s a breakdown of how the contest is organized:

  • -October 28th - 10am - 1pm: Qualification Phase
  • -October 29th - 1pm - 4pm: 1v1 Finals Phase

Read the full announcement concerning the structure, rules and hardware that will be used in the Melbourne 2017 OCWC Qualifier here on the HWBOT World Tour website.

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