Video Replay and Photos - Performance Matters, Multicore Madness Moscow

A few days ago the Performance Matters, Multicore Madness Moscow event took place. The event was sponsored by partners Intel who provided the latest 14-core, 16-core and 18-core series of the processors. Three world class overclockers got to work pushing these new Core i9 series CPUs, demonstrating to media and industry guests the awesome potential these new parts offer. OverClocking-TV were present at the event, bringing great coverage of the action. You can now enjoy it for yourself with this replay video which is hosted by Trouffman with guest appearances from Buildzoid and Houston. .

The Multicore Madness Overclockers - The event was hosted at the Bibliiteka, Internet Lounge and Club in downtown Moscow, with local media and press invited along to enjoy the show. The center piece of the event was of course the three overclockers who were tasked with pushing the latest Intel Core-X series processors to the max. BenchBros from Germany, was joined by Wizerty of France and Smoke from Russia, all of whom are Elite overclockers with lots of experience. They were each given a different processor model and of course, access to unlimited Liquid Nitrogen.

Catch the full video of the Multicore Madness Moscow plus a ton of cool photos from the event here on the HWBOT World Tour website.

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