The Overclocker Magazine #42: A Fond Farewell?

The latest edition of the Overclocker magazine is now available with issue #42 honing in on several hardware products that are designed specifically with overclocking in mind. Issue #42 includes hardware reviews of the GIGABYTE X299 SOC Champion motherboard, AMD Ryzen Threadripper, which is tested alongside the ASUS ROG Zenith Extreme board. Plus there’s a look at the Corsair ONE rig and the GALAX OC LAB Edition GTX 1080 Ti card.

Perhaps more poignant than any of that however, is the Editorial piece from Editor in Chief Neo Sibeko in which he basically reveals that Issue #42, may well be his last:

Here it is, Issue 42 of TheOverclocker Magazine. I’d go on about some half relevant aspect of the industry or whatever, or talk about what I believe to be “exciting”. I may still do that, but first I need to give you all a heads up, that this may possibly be the last issue of TheOverclocker Magazine.

Can’t confirm that at present, but what I’m saying is don’t be surprised if there is never another issue after this one. If there is great, but if not, consider this a goodbye and good luck. There’s nothing more to write about it really, you have been warned. It’s been a good ride, but it’s at a point where I or the publication itself needs a change. It’s been crazy to say the least, running and pushing out the magazine time and time again at random intervals. No need to recall all of that as the old issues are still available. From the boring and uninspired ones to the good ones, they all had a story, challenges and joys.

With all that said, if you’ll see Issue 43 or not, I can’t say. I’d hope you’re able to, but if not, this is thanking you for all the support, readers, emails etc. They were appreciated and will continue to be.

I sincerely hope that Neo opts to continue The Overclocker magazine. His hard work and dedication to producing a quality OC-focused publication has been thoroughly appreciated by this particular reader. For now at least, you can go ahead and savor Issue #42 of The Overclocker Magazine here on Joomag.

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