ROG OC Showdown Team Edition 2 Kicks Off September 22nd

Today we are delighted to bring you news of the ROG OC Showdown Edition Team Edition 2 contest. It's the highly anticipated sequel to the first ROG OC Showdown Edition Team Edition contest that took place on OC-ESPORTS earlier this year, and it starts in just a few days time. Once again ASUS invite teams of overclockers to compete across a broad variety to stages for some truly awesome prizes. Let’s take a look at the contest format, rules and prizes in a little more detail.

ROG OC Showdown Team Edition: September 22nd - November 6th 2017

The ROG OC Showdown Team Edition 2 contest is broken down into five individual stages. Each stage involves a specific benchmark, a specific number of scores that are required, restrictions on cooling and the different hardware needed. There are also restrictions about which of overclockers, from which HWBOT league may compete, these include Rookie, Novice, Apprentice, Enthusiast, Extreme and Elite leagues. The idea is to include challenges for all members of the team, from Rookie to Elite.

For an example, let’s look at Stage 1. Only Rookie or Novice overclockers may compete. Benching on Intel XTU, three different scores using three different quad-core processors are required. Cooling is restricted to air or water cooling (25°C at idle).

Thanks to sponsors ASUS and the Republic of Gamers, Seasonic, EK-WB and G.SKILL, many of the participants in the contest will walk away with some very impressive prizes. Check out the ROG OC Showdown Team Edition 2 contest page here on OC-ESPORTS. Get a team, and get pushing!

Read the full contest announcement here on OC-ESPORTS.

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