EVGA Bans Discussion of PhysX Mod

More striking than Evga trying to keep their forums clean is that Nvidia is actually PhysX when a non-Nvidia card is in the system. I'm no fan of PhysX to be gin with, but why on earth would Nvidia cripple the end-user's feature-set? Just to prevent them from buying a non-Nvidia card? C'mon!

As you may or may not know, Nvidia has robbed its customers by disabling the PhysX technology (GPU and PPU) anytime a Non-Nvidia GPU is present in the system (even IGPs) since the release of 186 GeForce drivers. As predicted, the community responded critically and eventually a user by name of GenL created a patch that removes the blockage and reclaims the feature. This patch is justifiable since we believe if a user bought a GeForce card, he unquestionably deserves access to all its features. Now, it has come to our attention that EVGA is preventing users from discussing the PhysX mod on their forums. "Sorry guys, but this thread must be locked here. We've stated multiple times in the past that discussion of the PhysX mod is not permitted on these forums, as it is a violation of Nvidia's Intellectual Property rights. This is non-negotiable, and as a partner of Nvidia, we must also respect its rights. Next thread discussing the PhysX mod will earn a warning." said nordicjedi, a forum moderator on EVGA. Dear EVGA, before you talk about "intellectual property", let's talk about "property". Consumers bought a piece of hardware that was designed to perform several tasks. After some time, Nvidia deviously crippled the product and introduced new restrictions that weren't in the "minimum requirements", that's illegal - plain and simple. It's none of EVGA's/Nvidia's business if we have an additional Non-Nvidia GPU in our systems or not.

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