Catzilla 4K Advanced, 80% Discount on Steam Summer Sale

There are a ton of reasons to enjoy the summer months, but perhaps one of the most compelling is the Steam Summer Sale. Among the tempting deals on offer at the moment is the Catzilla benchmark application which is currently available with a massive 80% discount – which works out at about just under $3 USD a pop.

The advanced version offers plenty of features that you’re not getting with either the free or basic version of the app. These crucially include the 1440p and 4K tests, the ability to perform custom tests, the ability to archive and compare historic scores, plus a feature which allows you to store scores on disk and manually upload later.

Just for interest’s sake, the World Records for the two most popular presets, 720p and 1440p are currently held by k|ngp|n (US) and H2o vs. Ln2 (US) (previously known as SlinkyPC. The top 720p score from k|ngp|n is 107,889 marks, a score made with a pair of Pascal Nvidia Titan X cards clocked at 2,354MHz (+66.13%). The 1440p record stands at 75,688 marks using 4x Titan Xp clocked at a 2,127MHz (+43.72%) a piece.

The special offer on Steam runs from today until July 18th. You can find all the details here on the website.

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