The OC Show: S04 E02 is Live Tonight – Includes X299 Discussion and More

Last week the OC Show return to our computer screen with a whole new look and three new faces at the helm. Tonight the gang returns with Episode 2 of Season 4 which, among other things will discuss the recent events surrounding the launch of the Intel X299 platform. Of course while the new Skyake-X and Kaby Lake-X platforms have plenty to offer in terms of real performance I think it’s fair to say that the actual launch hasn’t gone as smoothly as Intel would have wanted. Recent findings from der8auer regarding X299 motherboards and their VRM designs has added a general feeling that the platform was somewhat rushed and arrived without the usual finesse we expect from Intel. All of this, and more will be discussed in depth in the OC Show Episode 2 later tonight.

The new look of the OC Show includes three new presenters. Just to remind you, Italy’s Ciro will represent the tech media as editor and owner of the Rehwolution website. We will also have Toolius, one of India’s most prominent Elite overclockers, captain of the OC Inc. team and tech reviewer and founder of TooliusTech. Last but not least the show will also feature Buildzoid, the most prolific of extreme overclocking YouTubers and the guy that we frequently see on the Actually Hardcore Overclocking YouTube channel.

Tonight’s show will be broadcast on the OC-TV Twitch channel and will cover all the latest news from the tech industry and the overclocking community generally. The action kicks off at 9PM UTC (5pm EST). Click the link here to tune in. Also, don’t forget that you can also catch last week’s Episode 1 broadcast which is now hosted here on the Overclocking-TV YouTube channel.

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