The Overclocker #41: Alva Jonathan Interview, Computex 2017 & Why Overclocking

The latest edition of the Overclocker magazine is here with issue #41 proving again why it is the ultimate publication for anyone remotely interested in the subject of Overclocking and extreme PC hardware. Issue 41 features a great interview with Alva ‘Lucky_n00b’ Jonathan, Indonesia’s most respected overclocker. Plus there are reviews of the two AMD AM4 motherboards, the AORUS AX370-Gaming K7 and the ASUS Crosshair VI Hero a review of the AORUS GTX 1080 Ti XTREME card, plus a revisit of the ASUS MAXIMUS IX Apex board.

Here’s a sample of the Alva Jonathan interview: : TO: What would you say is the biggest change you’ve seen in overclocking from say the last MSI MOA competition up until now? Has the absence of these large vendor sponsored OC gatherings changed OC world?

AJ: Ever since MOA 2014 ended (MOA 2015 was online only, so MOA 2014 was the last big live MOA overclocking competition), the vendor-sponsored Big Worldwide OC Competitions in the world are only HyperX HOT (ended in 2015, no 2016/2017 version so far), G. Skill’s OC World Cup (ongoing), and Galax’s OC Carnival (ongoing).

Even though the mainstream IT medias seldom cover these events, the large vendor-sponsored OC events give something for the OC Community to look forward to. These are the ‘F1 like events’ of overclocking in terms of the prizes given and the scale of the events. So losing these may have caused a few overclockers to give up their desire to be as competitive as before.

TO: Between Indonesia and Brazil, I don’t think there are any other places in the world that see as many amateur overclocking activities or participants. What do you think it is that attracts amateurs to these overclocking workshops and events in Indonesia specifically?

AJ: As far as community goes, I think France are also doing well with their FFOC. I honestly don’t know what exactly attracts many Indonesian users to come to OC workshops. Maybe they saw an Indonesian like me and Ekky get on top of the rankings a couple times and they are motivated by that? haha^^

You can find the Overclocker magazine #41 here on Joomag . Well worth a read.

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