[Video] Buildzoid Examines the latest AMD AGESA 1006 BIOS Update, Plus DDR4 OC Tips

The latest videos from Buildzoid return to the AMD Ryzen platform and to the ASRock X370 Taichi motherboard. It’s probably fair to say that Buildzoid has had a pretty up and down experience with the X370 Taichi in the last few months, prompting some extended rants and even some frustrated hair pulling at times. Since then however ASRock have stepped up their game and resolved several issues via successive BIOS updates. The latest updates however involve integrating the latest AGESA updates that AMD have released to motherboard vendors to help improve certain features. At the top of the list of changes we have improved and extended memory timing and frequency settings. Buildzoid’s video addresses these changes specifically.

The BIOS release in question for the X370 Taichi is the rev 2.40 which includes the AGESA updates from AMD. Straight out of the traps Buildzoid shows us how the new BIOS offers several new memory frequency ratios, these include DDR4-2800, DDR4-3066, DDR4-3333, DDR4-3466, DDR4-3600, DDR4-3733, DDR4-3866 and DDR4-4000. The integrated Ryzen memory controller might not actually support speeds of DDR4-4000 at the moment, but it’s good to see that ASRock and AMD are thinking ahead to a rumored B2 stepping, forthcoming APUs or even Ryzen 2 silicon which may support such speeds. We can always dream.

In terms of timings, AMD originally locked many of the timings using aggressively tight, high performance timings which meant that even B-die modules were unable to just simply boot at frequencies above 3200MHz. The new update means that many of these timings can be loosened and higher speeds are now possible. Buildzoid goes on to offer some advice that deals specifically with subtle idiosyncrasies that remain when pushing memory with a Ryzen platform board. In a follow up video he also goes on to discuss a few of the issues that ASRock are still having with their AMD Ryzen platform boards.

As ever you can check out the latest videos from Buildzoid on his Actually Hardcore Overclocking YouTube channel.

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