[HWBOT X] Overclocking Workshops and Contests to be Held at Dreamhack Valencia, Spain: July 14-16

Spanish overclocking might not be quite as strong other countries around the world at the moment, but it’s great to see that HWBOT member and Extreme League overclocker ChentinoX is doing a fantastic job of help grow overclocking in the region. Chentino is setting up overclocking workshops and contest at Dreamhack Valencia, a great opportunity to spread the OC love to Spanish gamers and PC enthusiasts.

The workshops will take place on Thursday July 14th and feature a presentation which discusses the deeper aspects of overclocking including different cooling techniques and the technical approaches involved in pushing a modern CPU. The presentation will then cover some more esoteric topics such as delidding and voltmodding for example.

Attendees will be invited to make scores on the OC-ESPORTS platform on Friday 15th with systems available were they can compete on the XTU benchmark. On Saturday 16th the highest scorers will be invited to compete in Semi-Final and Finals. Contests from both days will be streamed live with the Finals and Sem-Finals taking place on the Dreamhack stage. Promises to be a great event, one that should really help to grow the youthful OC scene in Spain.

You can learn more about the HWBOT X Valencia event at Dreamhack here on the HWBOT X website, the ultimate platform to learn about and promote overclocking events around the world.

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