[HWBOT X] Honduras Enjoys First Ever Amateur Overclocking Contest, plus Workshop

The HWBOT X site just published a blog that talks about the overclocking scene in Honduras, Central America. Thanks to local overclocking guru David Martinez the country hosted the first ever contest for amateur overclockers:

The Overclocking scene in Honduras, as you might well imagine is not quite as well developed as it is in other parts of the world. The great news for Honduran enthusiasts, is that the community is starting to grow and develop, largely due to the efforts of David Martinez. Just a few days ago David hosted an Amateur Overclocking contest in San Pedro Sulla, Honduras. Although it was actually the first of its kind in the country, it will go in history as a a great success, attracting dozens of young minds from the local university, many of whom will doubtless catch the Overclocking bug.

Dubbed the ‘1st Toerneo De Overclocking Amateur’, the contest was held at the San Pedro Sulla Technological University Center (CEUTEC). The event was sponsored by Seasonic, Adata, Noctua, Apacer and HWBOT and consisted of two separate parts, an Overclocking Presentation and an Amateur Contest. The goal of course was to expose the attendees to the world of Overclocking, the latest technological trends in the industry, the different methods of Overclocking (including the different kids of hardware cooling) and finally the concept of competitive Overclocking. The presentation also covered the topic of the latest AMD Ryzen processors.

Catch the full blog post from the HWBOT X site here.

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