TechPowerUp Review PCMark10 from Futuremark

Futuremark released the latest benchmark for general PC performance just a week or so ago. PCMark 10 was officially launched with the Professional Edition making its debut on June 5th. The Pro Edition will soon be followed by an Advanced Edition which will cost $29.99 and a Basic Edition that will be free. These will arrive in June 22nd. TechPowerUp got their hands on the Pro Edition and published a pretty comprehensive review of the new benchmark suite:

PCMark 10 is a strong attempt to get PCMark back into not just hardware reviewers' hands, but also office and home professionals alike. Gone are the storage and battery tests, but in return, you get more real-world testing in digital content creation, simulations and modeling, and an entire gaming group, while still retaining the essentials and productivity groups that contain tasks a lot of us do daily and rarely think about if running slowly. The extended analysis is a great help in identifying bottlenecks or the lack thereof, and it also is useful when it comes to building a balanced system.

Compared to PCMark 8, nearly all the tests have been updated to the latest codec/foundation. The Rendering and Visualization test now runs on OpenGL to better simulate the real-world performance of professional applications. Gone is the casual gaming test based on DX9, and we have a DX11-based 3DMark Fire Strike instead. It would have been nice to see a DX12 test as well though. The biggest change is clearly in run time - PCMark 10 takes an average of 18, 26, and 30 minutes for the PCMark 10 Express, PCMark 10, and PCMark 10 Extended benchmarks to run respectively. Comparatively, PCMark 8 benchmarks took an average of 30-56 minutes even in accelerated mode.

You can read the full review of PCMark 10 benchmark here on TechPowerUp.

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