Gumanoid (Belarus) Breaks CPU Frequency Record for Socket 7 CPUs, Pushes AMD K6-2+ to 810MHz

Yesterday we posted a full round up article covering the final Old School is Best School contest of the year. In Stage 3 of the contest competing overclockers were tasked with pushing processors that use the classic Socket 7. The most popular choice with most overclockers was the AMD K6-2, a Socket 7 compatible chip which harks back to 1998. One of the benchmarks submitted was actually quite exceptional, breaking the CPU frequency record for Socket 7 CPUs.

Belarusian No.1 Gumanoid posted a HWBOT Prime score in Stage 3 that featured a K6-2+ processor clocked at 810MHz, the highest CPU frequency ever submitted with any Socket 7 chip. The chip was configured with a reference clock of 135MHz and a multiplier of x6. The LN2 cooled rig was based around a GIGABYTE GA-5AA rev3 motherboard (featuring an Aladdin V chipset from ALi), a SAVAGE4 PCI-based video card from S3 (a 125MHz GPU with memory at 166MHz), plus 256MB of SDRAM.

In terms of rankings the new highest frequency score from Gumanoid beats the next best score of 800.9MHz which was submitted by Germany’s Strunkenbold back in September 2015. Some of the records in the rankings are about ten years old or more, a solid indicator of just how exceptional the score from Gumanoid really is.

You can find the submission from Gumanoid here, as well as the HWBOT rankings for all Socket 7 processors here. Hats off to Gumaniod!

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