HWBOT Translation Update, Hebrew Translation Gets Underway

Today we bring you an update regarding the ongoing translation process that has been taking place here on HWBOT for some time now. In fact we kick off with one major piece of news is that to HWBOT member DanKadr, we will soon have the option of Hebrew. This will be a welcome addition for all of our HWBOT members in Israel, a country represented by more 333 overclockers. If any other Israeli overclockers wish to contribute I’m sure DanKadr would be a more than happy for the help. Feel free to contact him directly via PM or via xyala@hwbot.org.

As well as news of the Hebrew translation process we can also give you an update on the progress of other languages and the ongoing translation process that continues to march on. Since we last looked at the numbers a few years ago, we can see a few languages becoming more complete; the Greek translation of the site has moved from 11.1% to 27.47%, Portuguese has moved from 55.2% to 69.23% completion while the HWBOT Spanish site is now 100% complete. A huge congrats to all the HWBOT members that helped out with this.

If you feel adept at translation from English to your own language and have some time and energy to dedicate to the cause, feel free to get in touch with us. If you want a clearer image of where HWBOT is right now for specific language offerings, click the image here for a larger version of the graphic posted on the upper left corner of this article.

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