OC-ESPORTS Roundup: April 2017

Today we take a look at the current rankings for overlockers on OC-ESPORTS, taking in all the action that took place in the month of April 2017. As well as focusing on the rankings for individual overclockers and overclocking teams, we’ll also check out the contests that ended in the month of April. These include the Poitiers 2017 OCWC Qualifier, the GIGABYTE April Extreme Clocking contest, the G.SKILL World Cup Qualifier, the Old School is Best School Round 4 and the Rookie Rumble #43 contest. Indeed, it has been quite a busy month of overclocking here on OC-ESPORTS.

Official World Overclocking Rankings - April 2017

Comparing the Official World Rankings at the end of April compared to what we saw at the end of March, we can clearly see a significant shake up in terms of the top ten. Many overlockers have moved place since last time out, due in part to the conclusion of several Level 1 grade contests on OC-ESPORTS. These include the Road to Pro Challenger Divisions, the Poitiers 2017 Qualifier, the G.SKILL World Cup Qualifier, the Old School is Best School contests and GIGABYTE's March Madness and April Extreme Clocking contests. All of these contests offer various point dividends depending on where a particular overclocker or overclocking team finished in the contest.

Check out the full roundup article for April 2017 here on OC-ESPORTS.

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