Norwegian retailer ships AMD six-core processors

Less than €300 for the 1090T? Great!

Well, rest assured someone made a black-list at AMD, damn that's bold. A Norwegian retailer started shipping Phenom II X6 1090T Black Edition processors to customers. And that's a big no-no as the processor is to be launched next week (we know as we have them). The retailer is known as At present, it has only the Phenom II X6 1055T and the high-end 1090T Black Edition up for order, but their prices seem to be more than just convenient. The roughly hundred 1055T chips that the retailer has in stock are priced at only €197, which is very low for hexacore parts, at least compared to Intel's $999 Gulftown. The price becomes even more enthralling when considering that a frequency of 2.8GHz is quite reasonable, especially since it can go up by 500MHz with Turbo Core. The 1090T Black Edition is, as consumers know, the higher-end processor, with a clock of no less than 3.2GHz. Multiplied by six, and boostable via the same Turbo Core technology, this processing power seems to get somewhat close to what Intel's enthusiast CPU can do. Its price, however, is lower, at only €288.

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