Intel Sandy Bridge: Details of the next gen

LGA1156 had a problem with the socket burn phenomenon and now Intel chooses for a new socket with even less pins? Strange logic. Anyway, it does look like the major changes coming with Sandy Bridge require a new socket ... sadly enough.

... They will be split into two markets: mainstream and enthusiast. The mainstream models will replace the current LGA1156 'H1' Clarkdale and Lynnfield CPUs (Core i3 and Core i5) and will use LGA1155 'H2' packaging. Yes, that's right, LGA1155 - one fewer pins than current LGA1156 CPUs. These sockets are NOT compatible, so you cannot use an existing LGA1156 CPU in a new motherboard or visa versa. Not only is the position of pin-1 different, the socket notch has moved from 9mm to 11.5mm from the centre and the entire voltage plane layout has changed ...

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