Wizerty Explores Kaby Lake Core i7 7700K Overclocking In-Depth on Tom’s Hardware

Master French overclocker Jean Michel "Wizerty" Tisserand has put together an article for Tom’s Hardware, one of the true grand daddies of tech media. Wizerty tackles all the issues related to Overclocking a 'Kaby Lake' Core i7 7700K with both water and LN2 cooling, giving a pretty detailed account of what to what to expect from the latest and greatest mainstream processors from Intel.

The article covers a braod array of topics including delidding, voltage and thermal issues, memory tweaking, AVX stability, prepping for LN2 benching, plus an overview of what he found after testing twenty Core i7 7700K chips. In short, it is one of the most comprehensive an in-depth Overclocking articles to have appeared on Tom’s Hardware in long time.

“We're testing Kaby Lake's maximum frequency at various core voltages, the influence of de-lidding, and even applying a bit of liquid nitrogen. Get ready to learn more about overclocking Intel's latest architecture with a bunch of Core i7-7700K CPUs. Now imagine a processor that overclocks like Sandy Bridge under air cooling, like Ivy Bridge with the help of liquid nitrogen, and with Skylake's efficiency. Could that be Kaby Lake? We're going to find out. Of course, processors are subject to the silicon lottery's uncertainties, so we obtained multiple samples. You'll see that the spread in what's possible is large indeed.”

You can find the in-depth article from Wizerty here on Tom’s Hardware in English. French speakers (and readers) will perhaps find this version more amenable.

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