[HWBOT X] FFOC Host Overclocking and PC Building Workshops in Orleans, France

We just spotted a blog post on the HWBOT X website highlighting a workshop session for gamers and PC enthusiasts in Orleans France that took place a week or so ago. The event was organized by the French Federation of Overclockers (FFOC) and took place during the Orleans Game Show event. It featured an Extreme Overclocking demo plus the chance for attendees to learn the basics of Overclocking and compete in a contest hosted on OC-ESPORTS:

“The great news was that all attendees got to enjoy the workshops for free, plus the opportunity to post scores on the OC-ESPORTS platform. Event sponsors HWBOT setup an Orleans HWBOT X contest page on OC-ESPORTS specifically so that Workshop attendees could have the chance to compete. They were invited to push systems available at the event to make score as highly as possible in Cinebench R15 and 3DMark Fire Strike. They then submitted their scores to the OC-ESPORTS contest page to compete with each other head to head- a great opportunity to enjoy your first taste of competitive Overclocking.”

“It was great to see more than twenty attendees make submissions on OC-EPSORTS. We offer a massive congratulations to dinotopia who managed to beat the field and finish in top spot. Perhaps we have a future Extreme or Elite Overclocker in the making.”

You can catch the full blog post here on the HWBOT X website.

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