[Video]Actually Hardcore Overclocking News – Ryzen, Intel Datasheets and GIGABYTE OC Season 2017

Buildzoid has put together a kind of magazine style ‘news’ vlog that covers the world of Overclocking from a strictly ‘Actually Hardcore Overclocking’ perspective. Delivered in his own ramblingly endearing style, Buidlzoid covers a great deal of ground including the announcement from GIGABYTE regarding the OC contests they lined up in OC-ESPORTS this season, news about Intel PWM related datasheets that have surfaced, an update on his channel the projects lined up and more.

He starts off with round up of what’s happening on the YouTube channel itself which is teetering on the brink of reaching the mythical 10,000 subscribers, having recently breached the 100 hundred videos mark. In the pipeline – AMD Ryzen testing, which will be based on a Ryzen 7 1700 chip for budget purposes. The motherboard that has so far caught Buildzoid’s eye is the GIGABYTE AX370-Gaming 5 which apparently has a rather unique VRM design.

There’s nothing quite as exciting as a datasheet, especially one that covers the Intel VRM specifications for Skylake and Kaby Lake. Buildzoid has managed to get his hands on a datasheet from Richtek which outlines in detail Intel’ IMVP8 specification. It includes with a VID table that reveals all VID codes for all voltage increments. Woot!

Next he takes a look at the Overclocking contests that were announced by GIGABYTE just a few days ago. Dubbed the GIGABYTE Overclocking Season for 2017, the company is offering $10,000 USD worth of prizes with several contests already lined up on the OC-ESPORTS platform. The one that catches Buildzoid’s eye is the Summer Spectacular which is limited to Intel Core i3 7350K processors.

You can catch the Actually Hardcore Overclocking News, here on the AHCO YouTube channel, or click the links above which will take you directly to each segment.

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