GIGABYTE Publish Z270 (Kaby Lake) Overclocking Guide

Now that Kaby Lake has been with us for around a month we are starting to see some really solid overclocking guides appearing online. These guides are great for anyone, but especially newer Overclockers who want to have a clearer understanding of what to do when seeking optimal performance from their new KBL rig. A week ago we brought you news of an excellent guide from Raja Gill and his detailed advice from an ASUS motherboard perspective. Today were happy to share with you a detailed guide put together by the GIGABYTE OC team. This is great news for anyone currently tinkering with a Kaby Lake system based around a GIGABYTE Z270 motherboard.

The objective of the GIGABYTE guide is to equip users with the means to push a Core i7 7700K-based system, to a solid frequency boost of 4.8GHz. Plus what you need to know and do to go beyond 4.8GHz and reach that mythical 5GHz. The guide covers a lot of ground early on to make sure you’re at least hitting a stable 4.8GHz clock. It gives specific instructions about to configure Power Management settings, plus CPU settings for the frequency, Uncore and of course voltages. This is followed by some great advice about how to do some stability testing to make sure your thermal solution is doing enough to keep everything solid at 4.8GHz.

The last two chapters deal specifically with how to that bit more and aim for a 5GHz. Plus there’s a chapter dedicated to how optimize things for LN2 cooled systems and advice about how to break records. It’s a pretty well written 28 page piece that will be a valuable companion for anyone who is dabbling with Kaby Lake on GIGABYTE Z270 motherboard. It can be found as an online booklet, hosted on Joomag here.

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