k|ngp|n Breaks 3DMark Fire Strike Extreme World Record, Bursts 40K Barrier

Sometimes as a writer you just get the feeling that somehow, you have written that headline before. Today is a great example. Here’s some news about a new World Record in the 3DMark Fire Strike Extreme benchmark from non other than k|ngp|n, surely the meanest GPU pusher in the world right now. What is even more remarkable about the score is the fact that it busts right through the 40K barrier like a hot knife through butter. The new world record score for Fire Strike Extreme now sits at 41,297 marks.

It’s perhaps not entirely surprising to find Vince at the helm of this benchmark, as there are not too many overclockers in possession of four Nvidia Titan X Pascal cards. Vince managed to get his top-end SLI rig to top out with all four GP102 chips humming away at a very tasty 2,350MHz a piece, a very nice +65% beyond stock settings. GPU memory was tweaked to 1,480MHz (+18.4%). The rig was pushed by a Core i7 6950X clocked at 5,147MHz which is a pretty incredible +71.57% beyond Broadwell-E specs.

When I say that k|ngp|n is the master of the this particular benchmark, consider the chronicles of this year alone. In January of this year he managed a recording breaking score of 35,067 marks using four GTX 980Ti cards. Move forward to April and he is again pushed the World Record, this time to 36,264 marks. He followed this up in June with an i7 6950X with all ten cores pumped to 5,200MHz (+73.33%) scoring 36,626 marks. Let’s just say it’s a benchmark he knows well.

The new World Record score from k|ngp|n earns him 100 points for the benchmark world ranking, plus an additional 30 for the 4x GPU hardware ranking. He currently sits in third place in the overall HWBOT rankings.Check out the new 3DMark Fire Strike Extreme World Record here.

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