[Video] Relive the World Championship Between Marc0053 and Xtreme Addict

OverClocking-TV just posted the live stream that was recorded during the HWBOT World Championship that took place on Sunday afternoon. The final proved, as expected, to feature two of Overclocking’s most feared contenders as Marc0053, Canada’s No.1 took on the might of Xtreme Addict, the current World No.2 ranked overclocker.

Just in case you recently returned from a lengthy trip down the Amazon basin or perhaps a custodial sentence at one of her majesty’s finest institutions, here’s a quick breakdown of what the HWBOT World Championship actually is. It’s basically the World Cup for individual (not team) overclocking and also the climax of the HWBOT World Tour 2016. It’s a contest where all of 2016’s World Series winners battle it out to decide who will become the HWBOT World Champion of 2016. Six World Series winners were joined by the winner of the HWBOT Wild Card contest plus the winner of the ROG Camp 2016 contest.

After a full day of qualification, Quarter-Finals and Semi-Finals, the contest came down to just two men. Marc and XA. The coverage from OverClockingTV covers the entire 1v1 battle royale in detail with some great commentary from Trouffman and Buildzoid.

Catch the HWBOT World Championship 2016 Final on the OC-TV YouTube channel here. Also, don’t forget you can catch our full roundup article here on OC-ESPORTS.

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