The HWBOT Country Cup Update: France Lead at Half-Way Point

The the HWBOT Country Cup 2016 on OC-ESPORTS runs from November 1st to December 23rd, which means that today is pretty much the halfway point in the contest. All of which is as good an excuse as any to have a quick look at the standings and scores and have a peek under the hood of a contest that is essentially the World Cup of Overclocking.

In the last three years we’ve seen utterly dominant displays from the Aussies who took the mantle from previous winners Greece, Indonesia and two-time winners Romania. Right now however neither of those countries actually feature in the top three of the table. In first place we find the French with a combined score of 195 points. Italy stand in second place with 181 points while Germany are third with 170 points. The Aussies are actually quite well poised to pounce in 4th place with 167 points. Canada and the US are not too far behind with 161 and 137 points respectively.

Previous winners Romania currently sit in 7th with 135 points while fellow former champions Greece are one place below with 124 points. So far the contest has seen the involvement of 21 countries, but going by what we have seen in previous years, we can expect that number to expand as we get closer to the contest’s conclusion.

Looking at the leaders France, they currently only actually lead in Stage 1, a stage where Niuulh, Martin White, nicegab, dedede223, Philibert03, FR_STRIKEUR and Doc.Brown have the upper hand in the HWBOT X265 benchmark. France tops the table with a well organized presence in all stage however – perhaps a master plan is afoot.

The HWBOT Country Cup 2016 ends on December 23rd, and if previous years are anything to go by, we may well have a tumultuous and thoroughly climactic finale on our hands. Watch this space chaps.

Check out the full standings of the HWBOT Country Cup 2016 here on OC-ESPORTS.

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