** Benchmark Rule Update** 3DMark Time Spy Integration and Submission Changes

Today we bring your attention to some rules changes that apply to the 3DMark Time Spy benchmark from December 1st 2016. Thanks to work from both Futuremark and HWBOT a screenshot is no longer required, instead the result can now be submitted directly from 3DMark.com.

To submit scores you simply need to be logged in. After a score has been acheived and validated a 'Sumbit result to HWBOT' button will then appear, allowing you to automatically submit to HWBOT. Note: you will only be able to submit one time with each validated score. From December 1st screenshots will no longer be accepted.

Here’s a full outline of the rules changlog for 3DMark Time Spy as noted by Christian Ney:

  • - added dl link
  • - Added default benchmark settings
  • - Added score
  • - Clarified allowed OS (All windows based)
  • - Added HyperThreading, priority and affinity
  • - Screenshot no longer required, result must be submitted directly from 3dmark.com
  • - Added Altering benchmark files or the rendering (LOD and tesselation level modification included)
  • - Updated screenshots
  • - Updated changelog
  • - Changed screenshot small to 200x150
  • - Added what red and green means
  • - Added system info information
  • - Added verification link requirements

The HWBOT 3DMark Time Spy benchmark validation regulations can be found here, as well as the related rules update page on the HWBOT forum.

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