Buildzoid OC Stream: BIOS Modding an XFX RX 480 GTR

Here’s another interesting video from our buddy Buildzoid and his Actually Hardcore Overclocking channel. It involves modding the BIOS of an AMD RX 480, in this case an XFX card. BIOS modding is not something that I’m sure the majority of overclockers would claim to be experts at, a fact that probably makes this video an enlightening experience for many of us.

As with any BIOS or firmware you are essentially looking at hundreds (or could it even be thousands?) of lines of hexadecimal text. Without very specialized knowledge relating to which line of code relates to which setting or feature set, it’s impossible to make sense of what you’re looking at. Thankfully there are some tools available that can make BIOS modding infinitely more simple. In this video Buildzoid takes us step by step through the process.

The quest, as explained in the video stream, is to mod the RX 480 card to allow for higher voltages (and thusly higher, more stable overclocks). Trying to find the exact piece of hexadecimal code that controls upper voltage limits would be quite a challenge. Thankfully however an app known as the Polaris BIOS Editor (v1.4) can help makes things much easier, offering a UI with options to alter settings for GPU and memory including maximum TDP values and more. Buildzoid illustrates how changes in the app are applied in the code. Boom… the world of GPU BIOS modding just became more accessible.

Check out the video here on the Actually Hardcore Overclocking YouTube channel. It’s a pretty solid introduction to the topic of BIOS modding, as always, delivered in honest and entertaining Buildzoid fashion.

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