HWinsights Q3 2016 Report: Intel Skylake Driving PC Enthusiast Segment

Yesterday HWinsight published a press release based on the user data from Q3 2016. The company reports that overall the user base on HWBOT continues to grow, with Intel’s Skylake platform processors a key driver in the segment, enjoying a healthy adoption rate compared to previous generation transitions. The release also gives insights regarding motherboard and memory vendor engagement with overclockers and enthusiasts for Q3 - an interesting read for anyone interested in the enthusiast PC segment. Here’s a sample of the press release:

Processor Insights

During Q3 2016 Intel increased their user base by 7.36% compared to last quarter and by 13.94% compared to last year. AMD increased their user base by 8.48% QoQ, but saw a decline of 12.78% YoY. In terms of cooling, 45% of our user base uses either an all-in-one solution or a custom water cooling kit.

The adoption rate of sixth generation Intel Skylake architecture processors remains remarkable, exceeding the adoption rate of previous generation Haswell processors.In terms of the Intel HEDT (High End Desktop) segment the adoption of Broadwell-E architecture processors behind that of previous Haswell-E generation offerings, but out-performing earlier Ivy Bridge-E architecture parts. In Q3 the Intel Core i7 6700K is the most popular Intel processor.

HWinsights offer marketing intelligence specific to the global enthusiast PC market and overclocking community. You can find the full press release here on HWisights.com.

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