k|ngp|n Takes Down Catzilla 1440p and 720p Single GPU Global 1st Places

The mercurial VGA overclocker known to most of us HWBOT as k|ngp|n as clearly been having quite a busy day or two, pushing a single Titan X Pascal card to new heights in the Catzilla benchmark. Today we have two new Global 1st Place scores for both the 1440p and the 720p Catzilla presets – literally the fastest single GPU runs the benchmarks have ever seen.

The fastest ever score for Catzilla 1440p using a single GPU now stands at 28,475 marks. The score was made with an Nvidia Titan X Pascal card with its monster GPU ramped up to an incredible 2,442MHz (+72.34%). The graphics memory also got a boost, being configured at 1,531MHz (+22%). The cards was joined by an Intel Core i7 6950X pushed to 5,252MHz (+75.07%) and a G.SKILL Trident Z DDR4 kit clocked at 1,648MHz (CL12.0 12-12-28). This new score eclipses the next best 1x GPU score made by BencBros of Germany of 28,085 marks, meaning k|ngp|n is actually some way ahead of the competition.

The new fastest score with a single GPU in Catzilla 720p is now 79,448 points. The only noticeable difference between the 1440p configuration above is that the CPU appears to have been clocked slightly slower at 5,149MHz (+71.63%). This score is some way ahead of Switzerland’s raccoon on 78,351 points.

You can check out the new Global 1st placed scores for Catzilla 1440p and the new Catzilla 720p score here.

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