Wizerty Takes on the MSI Radeon RX 480 GAMING X 8G, an OC Review

Writing for Tom’s Hardware France, French No.1 Wizerty is currently pumping out some solid tech review content from a strictly overclocking perspective. His latest muse is the Radeon RX 480 GAMING X from MSI, a Polaris based card that can be had for a around $270 USD. This particular version from MSI features the company’s Torq 2.0 heatsink and fan design a custom backplate and the inclusion of an 8-pin power connector instead of the standard 6-pin.

The review covers a lot of ground, first examining the hardware itself including the custom backplate and heatsink design which actually does quite well when cooling the relatively small Polaris GPU. Of course Wizerty also takes a good hard look at the power delivery aspect of the card, taking time to examine the six stage VRM.

In terms of overclocking Wizerty keeps to more standard water and aircooling, sharing his findings as he glides through a series of settings; from the standard ‘Gaming’ configuration to the factory preset ‘OC Mode’ Wizerty also explores performance levels when pushing the GPU frequency to +90MHz, +120MHz and +170MHz. He also reveals the steady decrease in stability as he ventures towards a +200MHZ overclock.

You can check out the full and detailed article here, in French on Tom’s Hardware. (Don’t forget, Google translate is your best friend).

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