Open Benchtable: OC Community Share Rig Pics

The Open Benchtable has been available and shipping to customers for a few weeks now. So far it’s received considerable interest from the overclocking community with plenty of folks placing an order for the new, lightweight and portable benching solution. The OBT website recently published a blog post featuring bunch of pictures from community members who have received their order, showing off the new benchtable in use.

Looking at the pictures it’s easy to see how the Open Benchtable is living up to its name when it comes to flexibility. Many of the pics show straight forward configurations in terms of the CPU and motherboard mounting, but when it comes to using the integrated brackets and PCIe standoffs to mount coolers and fans, the possibilities really are endless.

In fact, if we want to see truly innovative mounting techniques, look no further than this thread from French overclocker Niuulh. This guys is using the standoffs and brackets to mount radiators and cooling fans in ways that I’m pretty sure the product design team never envisaged. Great to see an innovative product inspire new ideas.

Check out all the blog post here on the OBT website to take a look at some impressive looking rigs using the unique Open Benchtable.

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