Leeghoofd Chronicles Madshrimps HWBOT Team Cup 2016 Victory

The Belgian Waffles at Madshrimps had a thoroughly convincing victory in the HWBOT Team Cup just a week or so ago, securing a total of 1,260 points, way ahead of nearest rivals Warp9-systems on 941 points. Such team victories require tight team work, slick organization and tons of dedication. This is especially true of a small team with only a handful of members. The contribution of Madshrimps captain Leeghoofd was fundamental to the team’s success, taking a militaristic approach to organizing the team members for a two month assault on the contest.

Yesterday Leeghoofd took some time to share the full story with us all, penning a chronicle of the Madshrimps adventure in every detail. It’s an awesome read. Here’s a sample:

“Now how can a rather small team of 4-5 active benchers snatch the victory of huge teams alike Warp9, currently the world's fastest team and sortlikes as Overclock.net. In all honesty HWBOT's Team Cup does only require sometimes just more than a few submissions per category. The Country Cup is another cup of tea as the amount of needed submissions is way higher. The OC scene in Belgium really needs a boost in active members, so the Country cup is usually a no go when aiming for top spots for us Belgian waffles. The only way to put our little flag on top is to focus on competitions alike the Team Cup.”

“First step when entering a competition of this level is to carefully examine all the different stages. Usually at first glance it always looks overwhelming. Especially thinking regarding the demanded hardware, the number of submissions needed, etc... Just stay calm and start to check with other team members who has which hardware. Who can do what and especially who has the time to do it, hopefully properly and up to the expected standards.”

The full article covers each of the sub-categories and stages in some fantastic detail. Make sure to take a look here on Madshrimps.be


Taiwan sdougal says:

Great article. Well worth a read...

Belgium leeghoofd says:

Thanks for the share HWBOT

South Africa DrWeez says:

That's a lot of benching! Well done madshrimps

Belgium leeghoofd says:

DrWeez said: That's a lot of benching! Well done madshrimps
Thank your for GODLIKE advice :D

Italy sburnolo says:

Great job guys.Nice article.

United Kingdom GeorgeStorm says:

Great article, nice to see a small team get a lot done!

United States Mr.Scott says:

Now how can a rather small team of 4-5 active benchers snatch the victory of huge teams alike Warp9, currently the world's fastest team
Warp9 is not a huge team bro. Less than 10 active members of 20 total on the team. ;) Not taking anything away from you or your team mind you. And we do appreciate the byline in your article for vintage and dogpile. See you next year. :)

Australia ozzie says:

the best team won this years team cup , and congrats to the efforts of mads team, no doubt as quite a few things have been learnt from this years event there will be a very interesting run to the finish line for next years team cup event

Italy GRIFF says:

[MENTION=9139]Lee[/MENTION]ghofd very detailed and deep article, compliments. Thanks all for participation good and hard job. Inviato dal mio SM-A510F utilizzando Tapatalk

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